About Us

Infobet Ltd. was founded in 1998 and the company established Grafito Studio in 2011 in order to provide more professional services in photo and graphic design. We have specialised in studio photography and related graphic work. Gergely Balázs is the studio manager. He graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design as a photographer in 2008 and later as a design-manager in 2009. Gergely has been supported by Creator4 Ltd. with whom he has been cooperating so far. Due to this tight cooperation Creator4 Ltd. renders the special technical devices if they are needed.

The studio main aim is to provide professional studio and commercial photos and related graphic design.

  • top-quality technical background
  • high professional standard
  • the highest qualification in our country
  • we can manage the entire process from designing to printing the material

Fashion World Magazine // Fur and Skin / Covered / Sun and Meadow

Dark Beauty Magazine // RED / When the circus closed / Budapest Clown I. / Budapest Clown II. / Wictory

PhotoVogue (Vogue Iataly) // covered

See them also in FB //  Fur and Skin / RED / When the circus closed / Budapest Clown I. / Budapest Clown II. / Wictory

Our previous and current partners:
  • Creator4 Kft.
  • Evosoft Hungary Kft.
  • Füvön Vízen Kft.
  • Kaeng Som Tom Yum Thai Restaurant (Budapest)
  • KWS Magyarország Kft. (Murony)
  • Medicor Egészségközpont
  • Medicor Elektronika Zrt.
  • Medicor Hand Instrument Co.
  • Office Depot Hungary Kft.
  • Piszkei Öko Kft.